Gumm (1969)  was born in Venice where he still lives and works today.

His connection to art stretches back to his adolescence years, when he made his debut with his first photographic exhibition at the age of 20.

However photography wasn't  enough for him, he was looking for something more  to express himself. He was attracetd indeed to Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg and Cèsar Baldaccini works, admiring their realism, colors and Pop spirit. Thus, the lighting comes to him, unexpectedly, on a cold winter day when, walking through the city of Venice, in the hazy darkness of a street he saw an old, colorful can, abandoned and trampled on. Gumm remained subdued: he could not take his eyes off the colors, creases and effects that time  had on it. He toke it home and immediately started working, transforming it into the subject of his first works of art.

Today his cans belong to many collections all over the world, exhibited in prestigious galleries and protagonists of international fairs.

All cans are decorated with Pop subjects: from Andy Warhol's art-works,  to icons, brands and cartoon characters.