Paolo Ceribelli was born in 1978, lives and works in Milan. Approaches the world of art (always cultivated as a passion) as a self-taught. After experimenting with various techniques, including sculpture and painting, he carried out his artistic career in 2006 where he 'found' the plastic toy soldiers. 'Having played with it as a child I was immediately struck by the stark contradiction within this small figure, this prompted me to reuse it for my own artwork'. And so starting from the question of why children play with an object that represents war, the artist begins to create his works with these small figures trying to demolish the boundaries that exist between the form and its conceptual content, with the intent to ennoble the toy soldier through its reuse and making it rise to an archetypal form, an ancestral symbol to which the viewer's eyes (attracted by its three-dimensionality) attribute the value that the image, and its repetitiveness, evoke on his conscience. And so the infinitely repeated and variously combined toy soldier is a reminder of childhood, of the contribution that each of us makes to leave a trace in history and in its history, of the cohesion necessary to win a battle (whatever it may be), and with the toy soldier and its stylistic simplicity the artist plays with the main icons of our century, redraws maps, draws stylistically perfect circles in which the identity of the toy soldier vanishes in favor of the purity of the form. The works of Paolo Ceribelli are present in private collections in Italy and abroad.